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Countless clients has been satisfied and successfully make their business evolved to the next level with Derrick Thomson. Read some of their testimonials  - as seen in google review

What they said

Oliver Plehn

The best photographer I know (and I do know a bunch). Outstanding professionalism and technique. If you're in need of a real estate photographer, just book this man right now.

M. Reza Permana

Always be proud for every excellent ideas with impressive results given by Derrick, starting from developing websites, photo & video product as well as commercial which made products and my brand is more attractive and looks better. For those of you who looking for web development for your products and brands in order to support your digital marketing, Derrick is the right person indeed.

Jo Marlow

Quite simply, Derrick was a joy to work with. He was professional, calm and extremely capable. He delivered everything just as he said he would and his work was of the highest quality. I would absolutely work with Derrick again and give him a glowing recommendation. If you want photography, Derrick is your man!

Christopher SC. Chan

In my experiences with him, a hard working and attentive professional photographer with a warm & fun personality to match. Best Wishes Always, Derrick Thomson.

Nitin Goyal

Amazing service by Derrick. He has taken amazing pictures and gave some amazing ideas for the location, costume and background. Will definitely recommend him and will take his service in future.

Gambit Fauri

Great guy to work with. Awesome result!

Every client has different needs, problems and solutions. Derrick Thomson gives creative solutions that helps with your brand identity, product value and business efficiency.

Your success will be our achievement.

Contact Derrick now for a free consultation.

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