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Food Photography For Commercial

Commercial Food photography
Commercial Food Photography. What matters?

Being a food photographer in Jakarta for more than 10 years, i realised that food photography is not just about techniques in lightings and top of the line gears. Even compositions are not exactly the highest priority in making great food shots.

When i shoot a dish, i don't see it as a plate of food i ordered for my lunch, i see it as a carefully made artwork by the chef. I see it as a product of a business. i also see it as something delicious, full of taste combinations. Then how do i combine these visions into one single photo? the answer was as simple as it sounds: simplicity.

simple food photography
Simplicity offer complexity and detail to even the most simple dish

This is not a definite rules to shoot food. Not all kinds of dish needs simplicity in photo, some requires extensive styling in and outside the plate, making the dish very decorated and represents the restaurant mood and identity.

Looking at food in photographer's eye means looking in different aspects at the same time and translate it into a powerful visual that represents all those aspects. including if there's a product involved in the making as the main brand star.

Commercial food product photo
Is this a product commercial shot of food photography? Both i guess.

Food photography is one of the most artistic photography branch ever existed, sometimes it requires a light tent and lightings, sometimes just an open window, but one thing was always exist, the taste. How do you add taste in a photo? Human brain stores millions of taste and that can be easily access if we trigger a memory. This trigger will make them think about that taste and imagine, which would lead them to a decision - is it something they want? like? dislike? And this is the key of making food photography looks tasty!

It is amazing how visuals can influence our thoughts. These things makes a food photograph becomes a commercial food photograph, because it makes people want it, it states loudly that it has value and worth an amount of money to get.

I love food, and sometimes i do struggle to keep my weight down since i can't pass a taste of interesting dish. with my love to both food and photography, combining all things are quite easy. And usually, the most interesting part is - i get to eat the dish after i shoot them.

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