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Corporate Headshots Photography

Corporate photography by derrick thomson
People in suits, Product pride and VIP photo shoots

Annual reports, calendar in many forms, brand advertisement, product launching, business event, world of corporate business can be very complex and needs visualisation that takes the whole concept to the next level. Photography for corporate are sensitive and takes quite a lot of preparation. Perfection in details are essentials, aside from the concepts that goes to layers of approvals.

As difficult as it sounds, i take joy in doing corporate photography for multinational companies, small or big, they are all becoming somewhat a passion. Especially on the first presentation of concept or ideas, explanations about how i can make their visions come true through the power of visuals. After meeting genius leaders of these giant businesses, most of the time i will be dealing with marketing team and work closely with them throughout the project and that's where it becomes even more interesting.

The amount of work each of these team members made is quite amazing, and all of these hard works are channeled into one output, my works. The key to the success of the whole team is perfect planning. With well thought plan, the project will goes smooth and every obstacles are prepared and easily solved. This is becoming the art itself, reducing risks through a structured, perfectly planned project.

If you hear the word "corporate headshots" it makes you imagine a businessman doing a passport photo style but actually it is way beyond it, it can be very formal, or artistic. Are they different from the basic portrait shootings? Yes indeed, all shows not just a personality but also working environment, the occupation, team work. As the photographer, i provide 2 to 3 studio set ups with each lightings and 2-3 photographer to work on that mobile studio or various locations where they will shoot the model. Make up artists are also briefed to be using a different new brush per VIP models. Not to mention that each of them are very busy - naturally - and gathering all of them in one place is quite a challenge itself. All that and really, all i get was just 5-10 minutes from each of them. Time is really money.

Some photographers find this a nuisance, but for me, it's a thrill! Yes it takes a lot of hard work and attention to details while solving problems creatively along the way, but when the people i shot saw their photos, their smile makes it all worth it.

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