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360 Virtual Tour Online Shop

There has been too much online shops everywhere, and it's just too hard to compete when you are doing the same thing with them. And in 2020, Coronavirus pandemic hits and online activities increases hundred times over. It's just getting very crowded.

Yes, if you got a great product people definitely look for you but then again your competition could be way bigger and there longer with public trust. They got amazing pictures on their website, great shop system.

I found out that public does not look for the products but also a great story and experience. So here's a new experience: a virtual online shop. Oh and i know 360 stuff has been around for sometime but it has not been used for an online shop. Wouldn't it be awesome if we can wander around in a 360 virtual tour of a physical shop then look at the stuff right out the shelf, then buy it?

Nothing beats the experience of going to an actual shop, you can walk around, feel the atmosphere of the place, relax while looking at all variants of products showed on walls, tables. it is so easy to see everything at once and decide which one you want to check. Now imagine if this can be done from your mobile or computer at home.

Every time you see a product and want to check it out? you can just click a tag next to it to see specs, description, price, and also product pictures of it from all sides. you can also see a video of that product too. With all these information embedded in each of the products, you don't even need to talk to a shopkeeper. You don't have to talk to anyone - which is probably being another plus point in the pandemic times. Still need to talk to them, click the live chat and they are ready for you. Oh, have i mentioned that you can do this with VR googles? Imagine how fun is that!

This has not been done by even large brands. if you do this quickly, you will be one of the first ones out there to do this. Whenever you need help on this, call me.

Come on! Prep a space, get all your products everywhere, decorate and be viral!

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